I won’t find it in my heart to forgive Zero, maybe not for the rest of my life, but - this is separate from that. I simply had to find my own answer to everything that’s happened. That’s all there is to it.


Beki’s endless list of OTPs } Suzaku & Eupemia

Eupie, you still can! That's right, we can go to Ashford Academy together! Their student council is nice... Together...

If you have someone you don’t want to lose, you should keep them at a distance.

If you have someone you don’t want to lose, you should keep them at a distance.

41. ghost/living person au for suzaeuphy :DD


ghost/living person au

"So, you were a princess?"

She nodded, looking down to where Suzaku’s hand rested inside of hers. Euphemia smiled sadly to herself, spreading her fingers so there was at least the illusion that their hands were joined. She didn’t even know if Suzaku noticed, it probably just felt like the shifting of cold air over his hand. But even that was better than nothing.

She couldn’t even feel him.

"Why did they kill you?"

Euphemia tore her gaze away from their joined hands, blushing when she realized how close he was. That and the urge to kiss him was strong. Suzaku looked gorgeous in the dark, lit up only from the streetlight a few houses down. He was all concerned and that stirred something that might have been warmth in her. It had been a long while since anyone had been worried about her.

It had been a long time since she had kissed anyone too and she wanted it desperately to be him.

But it couldn’t be, because Suzaku wouldn’t feel anything.

Euphemia cleared her throat, looking up at the sky. She couldn’t see the stars through the lights from the city, which made her sad. When she had been alive, she could always count on being able to see the stars from her garden.


"I was a traitor." Euphemia swallowed, not trusting herself to see what Suzaku’s expression was. "I was crowned queen with my husband, but we were not really the next in line. Or we were. It was politics, so it was complicated."

"And they killed you for that?"

"I was fourteen when I was pushed onto the throne, old enough to know better."

She heard him sputter, wanting to smile. It was always amusing how differently they viewed the world. To her, Suzaku should have been treated as an adult, ready to face the world on his own. Instead, he was still treated like a child.

"That’s not right."

"No, not speaking out about it was not right. But it was heady thing to be queen for a year and such a relief to be away from it for another. The only thing I regretted was…" She trailed off to touch the scar around her neck.

It was the best she could do to hide the executioner’s cut. The only alternative was to carry her head around, which didn’t appeal to her. 

Euphemia rubbed at the scar, pulling her hand away quickly. “I don’t regret it though. It was too long ago and…I might have never gotten to meet you.”


"My life wasn’t very peaceful, but my afterlife is." She looked at him, leaning in. "I’m enjoying myself Suzaku. I really am."

Suzaku squeezed his fingers together, Euphemia having to work to keep her smile in place. “I am too.”

Then that was enough. Euphemia sighed and rested her head on his shoulder. She made sure to keep the distance just enough so that she wouldn’t fall into him. It was a weak attempt at physical closeness, but it was the only thing she had.

She couldn’t have her family, couldn’t have the throne and she couldn’t see the stars.

But she had Suzaku, his smile and the world that he would willingly show to her. And that would be enough.



Code Geass: Lelouch vi Britannia / C.C. (Clamp kimonos)
Cosplay + costumes by us
Photo by hybridre ( http://hybridre.deviantart.com/ )
Assistant: Fei Fei

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Page Stretch for the Worst Birthday.

Number 37 (meeting in prison AU), please! And I think it's safe to say that I'll probably just ask for Unholy Trinity from here on out. Otherwise CC and Kallen, or CC and Marianne?


meeting in prison au


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Then why this hesitation? Has she shaken you so badly? One kiss and you go to pieces then, huh?

So for all your preening and posturing you’re really just a spoiled little boy with swollen head and a big fat mouth.

C o d e  G e a s s  :  H a n g y a k u  n o  R u r ū s h u 
EP17 騎士 (Knight)

but even the greatest of kings fall

but even the greatest of kings fall

俺は世界を壊し… 世界を創る…I destroy worlds and... I create worlds...
俺は世界を壊し… 世界を創る
I destroy worlds and... I create worlds...
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